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Day 6: Edmonton

Way way back a week ago when Kathleen and Ed were helping me pack my suitcase, Ed told me, “You really have to pack some Metamucil. Really. Travel does that to you.” While Lyle tells me that this only happens … Continue reading


We rode a small plane from Merritt to Calgary. There was turbulance. Henry didn’t notice as he played with Graham (Graham was pretending he was the pilot and Henry the co-pilot) while I was sweating and shaking and picturing my … Continue reading

Merrit BC – Day 2

Rolled, flat or Trouble Rolled or flat? No I’m not talking about crepes, blinzes, tortillas or hair. I’m talking about packing. This is an age old question. Like do you prefer the Beatles or the Stones? Same idea. I’ve always … Continue reading

Come to a show!

The Clean Train Coalition’s… A family-friendly community event Sunday September 26th, 1:00-6:00pm FREE Sorauren Park (50 Wabash Ave at Sorauren Ave) The Monkey Bunch plays at 3:15pm Complete event details here.