Monkey Bunch rocks out for kids

Saskatoon StarPhoenix – June 5, 2012


There’s something wonderful about watching performers who have toured with big-time Canadian artists like Jann Arden, Colin James and k-os, get silly with an audience full of bouncing children. That’s just what Ontario group The Monkey Bunch brings to the table. Their show is a fun, silly rock concert with an impressive musical pedigree.

The Monkey Bunch comes with original songs – Poopie Diaper is probably the catchiest – and a few re-purposed covers. Included in the 45-minute show are an environmentally slanted We Are the Champions (“no time for polluters”) and The Monkees theme (“Hey hey, we’re the Monkey – Bunch”).

Led by firecracker Shoshana Sperling, the Monkey Bunch encourages “outside voices” and jumping around in what can only be called a toddler mosh pit. Maury LaFoy, Graham Powell and Lyle Molzan add musical accompaniment to the kid-friendly lyrics.

To make sure the show has that rock show feel, there is plenty of call and response and shouts of “I love you Saskatoon!”

It’s a great show for smaller kids, with chances to rock the alphabet, sing about taking care of the Earth and wiggle their bums.

The kids probably won’t absorb the digs at Stephen Harper, but the Monkey Bunch wants to entertain the parents too.

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