Gather ‘Round

Maury and Graham used to be in a band called, The Supers. They were a great pop band inspired by XTC and the Beatles. Many many amazing songs. Anyway, one of their albums (Mystery on Pop Mountain) was an acoustic album all recorded at Puck’s Farm!! I know. Goats.

How does this all relate to The Monkey Bunch? Well, the last song on the CD was written by Maury and was so lovely that when we started this CD I said, “We have to put that lullaby on the CD.” No said Maury. No. That was a different time and no. Well, after awhile of me complaining about how I loved that song and how great it was and how I never get my way he finally gave in but he said, “I’m not singing it.” And I said fine. We’ll find someone else to sing it. Someone who isn’t known for that kind of thing. Someone with a beautiful voice but not known for a beautiful voice. That’s when we thought of Adam Gontier. Adam is Teresa Pavlinek’s cousin. Teresa is our bestest friend and Henry’s auntie and she also makes funny voices on both our CD’s. We love her and she put us in contact with Adam. Adam was on tour with his very successful and rocking band, Three Days Grace at the time. He agreed to do it and when he had a few days off the road he recorded the song.

The original song was inspired by observing birds in down town wind gusts. The pockets of wind caused by skyscrapers and how they just stop fighting but just glide and let themselves float up. That and a love song that Maury wrote for me. Maybe he should have written this one.

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