Poopie Diaper

Maury, Lyle and Graham all play in Jann Arden’s band when she tours and on one of these tours Lyle and Maury went to Australia to play with Jann on a 3 week stint while she opened for Michel Bublé. He has this song called, Save the Last Dance for Me, and Lyle and Maury would sing “poopie diaper” to his lyrics. When they came home Graham took it on and started reversing it to “diaper poopie” etc. and joking around. Finally Maury said, “Can we write this into a song already?” And I said, “No. I don’t think there’s anything there.” But Maury sat down at one of our writing sessions and said, “Today we write Poopie Diaper. That’s it.” And I thought well, there’s nothing funnier than doing a salsa about poopie diapers. Nothing. I couldn’t argue with poop in a diaper. Who can? We wanted to write this story/legend of this kid who was still in diapers and how his brother had to deal with it. Really it’s a shout out to all the little people who still poop in diapers because we’re saying hey, even grown ups poop in their pants too. Then in the studio we didn’t know who was going to sing it. We knew we wanted a guest singer but we didn’t know who. We asked John to come in to sing the back ups and to give it some Gypsy Kings singing but when he got there Maury just said, “Let’s get John to do it. He’s so funny and smart and wonderful.” And I agreed. John had us all laughing in a matter of seconds. HE’S the bus driver on the Doodle Bops and one of the funniest people I know. So, thanks Bublé. You can cover our song if you like. It’s about poopie diapers.

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