Stroller Patrol

When Henry was a baby I found myself walking all the time with our big red stroller. We would walk from our house in Parkdale all the way to High Park some days. Before we had a baby I had never noticed that there were so many strollers in our area. Now, they seemed to be on every porch, restaurant, park, red light, everywhere. And they were all different colours and sizes. I started to know the different brands and which ones were better in the snow and for one kid or lots of kids. When I walked on these tired, bleak days I would sing to Henry as we walked. I started making up songs when I ran out of songs that I knew. I started feeling like Henry was greeting other babies in strollers as we passed them. Like how guys on motor bikes nod to other guys on motor bikes. A knowing conspiring look that sort of says, “Hey, we’re babies and we are totally changing the lives of the people driving these strollers.” He spent so much time in the stroller that I started to have all his photos and video in that red stroller and then I thought, what if these little fleshy potatoes in these strollers were all in some gang together. We thought that we were deciding to go to the store or park but it was really them. They had it all planned out and they were all… ALL involved in this giant Stroller Patrol. I started to make it up as I walked. Singing just the chorus and making up little things about how they were everywhere. When Maury would walk with us I would sing it to him. He thought it was a very strange idea but…. he loved the concept. When we finally sat down with a guitar I would sing, “Stroller Patrol! Stroller Patrol!” And I would sing these strange little made up words do go with it. I kept saying that it was like the band Cake and so we listened to a bunch of songs off Comfort Eagle. Then we started thinking it was more along the lines of AC/DC and Black Sabbath and started writing lyrics with that style in mind. We laughed so hard while we wrote the music and lyrics together but we never really knew how much it rocked until we went into the studio with Lyle to record the drums. Then we thought, this is going to be soooooo fun to play live. To send up this much rock for toddlers was going to be the highlight of our set for sure!!

When the album was almost finished we wanted to put some kids on it to make it clear who was really driving the stroller patrol. We recorded Henry and his best friend, Aimée, as they talked about going for a ride in the stroller. It gave this song even more of the humour of these lords of the road.

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