The Monkeys recommend…

  • Anouk’s Ark! The endangered species board game and puzzles.
  • The Kid Should See This Great curated site collecting wonderful video experiences for kids young and and old.
  • Don Kerr Maker of great music for kids!
  • Fashion Crimes supplied Shoshana’s Juno Dress!
  • Gogobaby A company that rents out specialty strollers, highchairs, playpens and more…
  • Greentainer Great re-useable and reliable stainless steel containers.
  • Kurt Swinghammer All art by Kurt Swinghammer
  • Leah Salomaa has a fantastic CD called, “I Like to Rise” Family Folk Songs
  • Open Minded Books Great reading starts here.
  • Sarah Kramer Writer of amazing cookbooks!
  • The Centre for Art & Soul An eco-friendly centre for children’s arts and wellness
  • the little paper Proudly urban, totally independent, fiercely smart & a little bit silly
  • Too Tall Blue Grass music for kids!
  • Totsapalooza Great Festival for Kids in the Toronto Area
  • All About Monkeys

  • KoKo Kids Club
  • TV Monkeys on the Simpsons
  • Monkeys for the Disabled
  • Earth Links

  • Eco Kids
  • Say it With Words
  • GreenPeace Kids
  • The Gorilla Foundation
  • Whale Times
  • World Wildlife For Kids
  • Kids Zone
  • David Suzuki
  • Metowe
  • The Missing Link

    What is the “missing link”?

    Well, it could be that part of your necklace that fell under your bed and now you can’t wear it anymore. Or it could be a piece from a puzzle that your dog snacked on. Either way, you can’t see the whole picture without this piece. To some, the missing link is actually a kind of monkey person.

    The missing link is the part in human evolution where monkeys went from monkeys to people. The link is the part in between. That species that branches evolution from monkey to you. Are we all just well dressed monkeys?

  • The Missing Link (Scholastic News)
  • The Missing Link
  • Big Foot
  • Adoptions

    Some animals really need a home and a family to take care of them but you should always look at these links with an adult. They can help you decide if you are ready to adopt. Some of the adoptions aren’t real in that you won’t be having a dolphin swimming in your bathtub, but you will be helping one dolphin have a happier life somewhere else in the world. Look around and find the animal or tree, etc. that is right for you. This might be fun to do with your class as well. Have fun.

  • Adopt-A-Forest
  • Adopt An Acre for Young Orangutans
  • Adopt a Horse
  • Adopt-A-Marine-Creature
  • Adopt a Whale
  • Adopt a Class
  • Toronto Humane Society
  • WWF Adoption
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