Power To The Little People CD (2010)

Featuring performances by: Danny MichelAdam Gontier (Three Days Grace)Ed SahelyTeresa PavlinekLori Cullen and Kevin Fox ! Take all of this talent and throw Juno nominated Michael Philip Wojewoda (BNL, Anvil) into the mix to take music for kids to a whole new level and pack it with even more explosive rock and pollution fighting power! This is one CD you must have for a complete and healthy childhood.

Monkey Bunch Theme 1:25
2 Your Mother Should Know 2:26
3 Don’t Let Your Cars Idle! 3:42
4 Studio Brew 4:26
5 The Shakey Shake 4:03
6 Alphabet 4:08
7 Mommy Medley 3:34
Poopie Diaper 3:16
Stroller Patrol 4:00
10 Please (Commodity Fetishism) 0:49
11 Boris The Spider 2:52
12 Baby Are You Sleeping 2:02
13 Henry and Me (or I) 3:26
14 The Stream 2:03
15 Gather ‘Round 3:32
16 Go To Sleep 2:48
17 Goodnight My Love 17:22
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Sho, Mo And The Monkey Bunch CD (2006)

If you like the music and humour of The Who, The Beatles, Shirley Temple, Spike Jones, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Steve Martin and Sarah McLachlan, but you’re still working with pull-ups, then this is the music for you. Each song pays tribute to a different musical style that speaks up to kids with musicality, humour and a little bite. The first half of the album wakes you up, the second half rocks you into sleep. Featuring performances by Ron SexsmithJann ArdenMia Sheard and many others.

1 Five Little Monkeys 2:28
2 Wake Up: The Morning Call 2:45
3 Lil’ Chick 1:35
4 Honk Honk 2:37
5 Sunscreen 3:08
6 Brown Cow 1:26
7 Sweep the Floor 3:01
8 Posses & Convoys 1:54
9 Ghost of Tom 1:09
10 Other Side of Tomorrow 3:07
11 Itsy Bitsy Spider 1:51
12 You Belong to Me 3:34
13 Love Bird 3:18
14 Wee Baby Moon 2:40
15 Ev’ry Time We Say Goodnight 3:32
16 Lullabye 9:36
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