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Hi Sho, just wanted you to know that over here we’ve now moved from listening to the new tunes in heavy rotation to full blown ad infinitum ’cause we lurve it.

I even showed Maddie on youtube the original versions of the songs that make up the ‘Mommy’ medley since she didn’t understand why all the songs had ‘mommy’ in them. Now she knows what a parody is and has seen videos of Pink Floyd, Cabaret, The Beatles…. So thank you Sho-Mo, you’re not just musical fun you’re edu-tainment!

Speaking of the ‘Mommy’ medley, the last line where ‘John’ does the ‘Jesus’ bit cracks me up every time. So does your reprise of my fave singers from the first album doing ‘Henry and Me?\/I’ on this one…hilarious. Plus the real Henry! What a bonus.

Of course, ‘Poopy Diapers’ still gets the biggest raves when it comes on in the Forester with Maddie making me turn it up at the end so she can hear you through the fade.

Also, love all the original tunes, and the shout out to Eric Idle, seriously you guys are geni-i (plural of genius, I believe). Not a day goes by where I’m not singing a snippet from one of your songs stuck in my head. And I love it! So, well done, bravo and all that!

Call me when you need help with the song about queer families on your next album…

xo, e.

— Elvira

I’m the 23 year old mother of a 10 month old baby, and I have to say that your CD may have saved my husband’s and my sanity. I bought it when my daughter was only a few weeks old (I live in Orlando, Florida but found a link to it on govegan.net), and my original intention in buying it was to introduce her to music that was better suited to our tastes than Barney or the Wiggles. Little did I know that your CD would be the magic voodoo that would take my daughter from wailing to silent with the click of the car CD player. Even at ten months old it works its magic on her and I would prefer to forgo diapers than this CD on any road trip! My only complaint is that after a playing it over and over and over again even the most unique of music can get old and although I’ve tried other similar CDs, only your bunch will do. So pretty please with sugar on top will you come out with another CD, at least in time for us to welcome another child into our home. But until then, thank you, thank you, thank you for making the original!  🙂

— Jen

Teresa gave me your CD yesterday, and it’s AWESOME.  I am blown away by your voice!  I love Wee Little Baby Moon, and You Belong To Me, and Love Bird.  The whole CD is great, but I keep listening to those songs over and over.  Please, when you get a chance, record an adult cd for me please.  Yer good.

— Kathy

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to tell you what a great time my hubby and I had during your performance ahead on Jann Arden on Sunday afternoon (Nov. 6). We were up in the balcony doing all the moves and singing along! Your performance was such a fantastic and uplifting start to the show!!! We both really loved your “moves” too. We felt like getting up and dancing along with you!

We bought your CD for our 6 year old (which you so graciously signed – thank you again for that). Her birthday is about a month away. That’s going to be one of her gifts. She’s gonna love it.

— Marlene

Maude and Sadie are playing “concert.”  Sadie is giving out apples while Maude is jumping off the stairs.  Thanks!  We love your shows!

— Erica Kopyto

We had the BEST time!! My husband LOVED it too. We both laughed til we cried, and Tess didn’t stop talking about “The Concert” all afternoon. It was the first thing she asked about when she woke up this morning 🙂 It was perfection–you and your band are spectacular!! We just loved every moment of it.

— Lindsay

GREAT show!! You guys are awesome!

— Allana

You guys were amazing today! I came with 5 families and all of them said we are going to the next one together… Can’t think of a better way to have spent family day!

Finn (upon leaving) “who do u think os a better rock star, Shoshana or Adele?”
Me “they’ve got different styles. Not sure. What do you think Finn?”
Finn “Shoshana for sure. Her voice is so cool!”
Just thought u should know!

— Fiona

How cool were you today.. thank you. My brother DAVID and his son JACK were thrilled. Yes that was my bro Zepplin. I bought the kids T-shirts and cd’s today. Their first band shirts.

— Christine

It IS the best kids album ever:).

— Leanne and Callum

Thanks for another FABULOUS show! (and for acknowledging our daughter’s doilie tribute. It means so much to her!)

— Alison and Olivia

GREAT SHOW TODAY!!! Eloise was re-enacting it all evening!

— Manna, Bryan, Eli and Eloise

The Monkey Bunch are an extraordinary group of Toronto-based comedians and performers who make children’s music that adults often end up buying for themselves.

— Ben Kaplan, National Post

I just wanted to tell you how much Luca and I are enjoying the music you’ve created! When I told Danny I picked up a CD for Luca I could see the fear in his eyes, but he loves it. We can’t stop singing The Morning Call…we sing it all day long! So bravo! Well done, and congrats on a job beautifully done.

— Maria

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